Celebrate Independance Day at the Hosmer Field Complex on Monday, July 4th.
A small group of volunteers with the Fourth of July Committee/Rumford Parks Commission have put together another terrific event, filled with awesome family friendly activities, vendors and entertainment.
The event gets underway at 3 p.m., culminating with a fireworks show at 9:15.
The bigger the shell, the better the firework, and the fireworks show arriving this Fourth of July will carry an ample array of bigger shells to fill the night sky over Hosmer Field.
The 9:15 p.m. fireworks show is being done again by Central Maine Pyrotechnics of Hallowell.
The fireworks show last Fourth of July was a good one, but people were left disappointed because there wasn’t a finale. That was the fireworks realized too late that the manufacturer did not put timers in any of the finale strings.
Steven Marson, president of Central Maine Pyrotechnics, said, “Every finale string is supposed to have a five-second timer. That allows every string of 10 shells, with a five-second delay before the next string takes off. Ultimately, those shells in the finale, some 672 shells, all went off in about 40 seconds. All of them. Just like that.”
As a make good, the company will be setting off several more larger shells in this year’s show.
Parks Supt. Mike Mills, a member of the Fourth of July Committee, said, “We’re going to have root beer floats, strawberry sundaes, cotton candy.”
And thanks to a donation from Dunkin Donuts, they will be serving coffee (decaf, regular and ice) up until the fireworks.
The committee is still accepting vendors, with each spot at $150. The deadline is end of business day on Friday. FMI: call 364-7758.
From 5-8 p.m. will be games and activities.
At the start, 49 Franklin’s Scot Grassette will be doing his version of a Bamboozlers Show.
“What I’m doing is jumbo bamboozlers. So instead of using toothpicks, I’m using two-by-fours. Instead of using cups, I’m using five-gallon buckets. Instead of using a napkin, I’m using a tarp. So it’s big, jumbo, outside, family friendly puzzles. It’s my own thing,” he said.
“I wanted to do something different for the Fourth. I’ve done this, I’ve done that,” said Grassette, adding that the 30-minute show will have audience participation throughout, with some small prizes.
Committee member April McLean said other events include a tough man challenge by the Greater Rumford Community Center, and a dunk tank, with new Rumford selectman Chris Brennick volunteering to take the last 30 minutes.
She said there will also be a giant Yahtzee game
“Three tries to get a Yahtzee, with the prize being a certificate from Pizza Hut and perhaps a bigger prize for someone getting a Yahtzee of all sixes,” said McLean.
Dan Richard, chairman of the Rumford Parks Commission and member of the Fourth of July Committee, said volunteers are still needed during the event as well as with the cleanup.
“Everyone sits home and says ‘my neighbor will step up.’ Well, your neighbor is thinking the same thing. Some people say, ‘Well, it’s the Fourth of July.’ Well, it’s Fourth of July for me, too,” said Richard.
How much time would someone need to give?
“A couple hours would be super, at some time during the day. If you can’t work from 3-5 but want to work from 6-8; we just need people,” said Richard.
He said volunteers don’t have to be there all day on the Fourth of July. “If they could give an hour or two, that would be perfect.”
The complete schedule is as follows:
3:00 – Gates open;
3:30 – 4:30 music by Monsta;
3:45 – Balloon Zoo Show by Scot Grassette;
4:00 – Baby Carriage/Wagon Parade (up to third grade);
4:30 – Bike Parade (up to eighth grade);
5:00 – 8:00 – Games and activities;
5:00 – Bamboozlers Show with Scot Grassette;
5:15 – 6:15 Music by Standby;
6:00 – GRCC Gymnastics Competition Team Demo;
6:30 – Family Fun Magic Show with Scot Grassette;
7:15-8:15 – Music by Fat and Jacked;
8:15-9:15 – Music by Troy Allen and the Revival;
9:15 – Fireworks!
Rain/wind date – Tuesday July 5th.
There will be no glass bottles, smoking, dogs or fireworks (other than sparklers) allowed inside the Hosmer Field Complex.