Why is it that the process of choosing candidates for president is decided by party leaders, not the voters? President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden waited for the final count of delegates before endorsing Hillary Clinton. A private rendezvous with Bernie Sanders came immediately afterward. Was that because they felt that Sanders would have been their first choice to run against Donald Trump?

Now, this country is left with two unpopular nominees, representing two dysfunctional parties.

Clinton does not deserve Sanders voters, and Sanders will do everything possible to see that Trump doesn’t get elected.

The Republican Party has put itself in a calamitous situation and are no longer unified, as they were in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was in office.

Rubbing the crystal ball, trying to convince Trump to sugarcoat his speeches and act more diplomatic is like trying to see oceanfront property in Death Valley, Calif.

The Republican Party has overstepped its boundaries and is now finding itself in a pigsty.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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