I am proud of the members of the Democratic Party who refuse to be held hostage by the NRA and its Republican supporters. They are finally worth my support. Their congressional action is inspiring.

Not all hate-filled people who seek to vent on large numbers of people have the same motive. The movie theater shooter in Colorado, the Columbine and Sandy Hook shooters were apparently severely unbalanced. The Orlando, San Bernadino and Fort Hood shooters claimed an ISIS motivation. The Charleston Church shooter was just plain racist. The one thing they had in common was easy access to an instrument of mass destruction.

We cannot treat their unidentified mental illness; we cannot convince them that ISIS leaders only want power; we cannot convince racists that hate is not the answer. We can make an effort to be sure there is nothing in their background that makes them dangerous.

Opposition tells us that we cannot prevent all deaths. That is true, but we can do better than we are.

The Republicans throw up their hands and say, “There is nothing we can do, we are helpless.” Apparently their allegiance is to the NRA.

Our world is changing and we must find some answers. We have elected our congresspeople to implement the will of the people, not special interest groups. Our lives are at stake.

How long, oh, Lord, how long?

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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