NORWAY — Police officer Brandon Correia may not have the most exciting beat in the world, but he does paint a picture with his reports.

The Norway cop’s run-in with wildlife on Monday was tickling the fancy of Facebook users later in the week.

The incident report in question reads like a slow episode of “Dragnet.”

“On 6/27/2016 I was asked if I could respond to the dam on Water Street for a report of five ducklings that had gotten trapped on the waterfall,” Correia wrote, “while their mother was upstream.”

The drama builds.

Upon arrival, I located the ducklings and observed them to be stuck with nowhere to go but down,” Correia wrote. “I was able to convince them to jump off the waterfall into the water below, where they were reunited with their mother.

“I warned the ducklings for trespassing,” Correia wrote, “and cleared without incident.”

The identities of the ducklings were not made public because they are minors.

Correia’s report was posted on Facebook on Wednesday where civilians tend to enjoy the lighter side of police work. Not to mention duck rescues.

“Good job!” one woman wrote.

“Awesome!” said another. “I’ll bet that wasn’t included in your job description.”

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