Gov. Paul LePage has been quoted as saying “Only when Washington politicians stop kowtowing to powerful retail grocers … will American taxpayers have a respectable food net.”

Why not have a food necessity card? Buy a bag of grapes instead of chips; a container of juice, milk or water instead of soda? LePage has a point.

Speaking of politicians kowtowing to powerful organizations — why does Donald Trump have to ask the National Rifle Association permission to do anything?

In the 1770s, our forefathers wrote that every law-abiding citizen had the right to bear arms. “Arms” of that day were manually loaded, single-shot muskets. How could they foresee such things as assault rifles? They couldn’t and didn’t.

When there is a tragedy or massacre, the firearms industry makes millions of dollars in increased sales. Who do they fund? The NRA, which, in turn, funds and controls Republican politicians.

I am a hunter and own guns. The first Tuesday in November is usually too warm to hunt, but is perfect weather to vote.


When I go hunting, my vehicle, my driving and hunting licenses are all registered. When I shoot a deer, I must register it. Everything is registered except my firearm.

If any politician of any party would try to ban gun ownership, they would be committing political suicide. None has ever tried; none ever will.

Yes, I want to protect myself, but if I had to I would be the first in line to register my firearms.

 Robert Martel, Lewiston

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