JAY — The town has been invited into the project development phase of the application process for a Workforce Development Grant program of up to $100,000 to benefit Polycor New England Inc.

The Canadian-based company is redeveloping the North Jay White Quarry and building a plant to make granite curbing off the Old Jay Hill Road.

LaFreniere submitted a letter of intent followed by an application for the grant this past spring. The grant would enable Polycor to train eight prospective employees in fabricating granite curbing. Voters approved submitting the application.

The projected cost of training and associated items, including salary and benefits for the trainees, an instructor and pre-employment screening is $435,790, according to the company. The grant would offset that amount.

The annual wages and benefits for eight trainees is projected to be $370,400.

It is the second year in a row the town and Polycor have teamed up to submit an application for training prospective workers. The $100,000 from the 2015 grant was used to train four quarry operators.


The town is the applicant and Polycor is the co-applicant.

The Community Development Block Grant funds must be used specifically for the training of primarily low- to moderate-income individuals and materials and equipment specifically associated with that training in order to fulfill the national objective of the program.

A letter from the Maine Office of Community Development to Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere dated July 1 said the state has reserved up to $100,000 for the project.

During the second phase, the town is required to submit  documents, adopt policies and appoint an advisory committee for the project.


Polycor New England Inc. is planning to conduct a blasting operation on Thursday, July 14, in the area off Old Jay Hill Road.

The company is redeveloping North Jay White Quarry and building a plant to fabricate granite curbing.

The company is planning five blasts during the day from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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