Lately, I have read some Letters to the Editor from those opposed to the merger of Lewiston and Auburn. It dismays me that those individuals express themselves with anger, name-calling and by promoting falsehoods.

In the letters, there were inaccurate references to how much of local taxpayers’ money is being spent on the study. It is my understanding that, apart from a small state grant, all money to support this study were raised from private local funds. The city governments have not lent any financial assistance.

In response to comments about the arrogance of the commissioners in pushing their agenda, I have never experienced arrogance or bullying at the community meetings or in their online publications. The published material, though with opinion, has been extensive, unbiased, objective and factual, and the demeanor of the group has been open, transparent and curious.

I applaud the efforts of the Charter Commission. They have spent much time and their own money exploring this topic. This group has attempted to thoughtfully and fully assemble, as well as distribute, the information that residents need to make an educated decision.

Whereas local elected officials have refused to look at cost-saving options, it is the voters’ responsibility to decide.

Sadly, there are citizens who are unwilling to pause, study and then decide. It befuddles me why some people become angry, accusatory and engage in name-calling when presented with a new, albeit challenging, idea. Let’s, instead, be open to exploration and the possibility of change.

Paula Marcus-Platz, Auburn

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