I consider my literary reading during the June 24 Art Walk LA 2016 in Lewiston to be a very positive experience. I was able to present the poetry of the important Lewiston native and influential American painter of the early 20th Century, Marsden Hartley, as well as my own work.

My involvement in Art Walk LA 2016 was an opportunity for me to return to the area where I had my first aesthetic experience as a boy and where teachers at the Lake Street School in Auburn encouraged my artistic ability, so it was doubly positive for me.

I don’t think I am falsely praising the importance of the Art Walk LA when I say that I feel it is a good way to bring the artists, musicians and writers of the Lewiston and Auburn area to citizens who might not otherwise have an opportunity to see or hear their work. It is an experience of contemporary culture on a wider scale for the Lewiston and Auburn area than any single gallery can present by itself.

I thank LA Arts for Art Walk LA 2016 and wish them good fortune in the future.

Tom Fallon, Rumford

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