This is in response to a story in the Sun Journal on July 20, in which the head of the teachers’ union reacted to news that Lewiston’s Superintendent of Schools Bill Webster is planning to take an extended vacation — a three-month vacation — during the school year.

That is ridiculous.

My big question here is why does Lewiston need a superintendent if the lower-level administrators can handle the work load for such a length of time? The city could save $133,000 (plus benefits) each year.

Having worked for the school department for 27 years, I remember being asked to take vacation during the summer to avoid causing disruption during the school year. I was a secretary, not an administrator, and more than two weeks of vacation at a time was frowned upon unless there were special circumstances.

Guess there are exemptions when you make the rules.

Everyone deserves a vacation, but you don’t need three months to regroup.

Jacqueline Smith, Lewiston

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