I checked out the movie trailer of “Hillary’s America” and was shocked to discover how corrupt the government is. The biased social media never tell the public.

As for Donald Trump’s faux pas regarding the Army captain killed in Iraq — I believe he owes Capt. Khan’s family, veterans and the country a sincere apology.

But let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s lies to the Benghazi victims’ families, veterans and the country as she stood over the flag covered caskets of those brave dead Americans. They were denied help. She could have helped, but didn’t. She never apologized.

Both Trump and Clinton were gravely wrong.

The bad news is one will become president. Voters must decide which one is less corrupt and who can make this country a better place for the next generation.

It’s like reaching into the dirty clothes hamper to find the cleanest dirty shirt to wear.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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