After all, lacrosse is the St. Dominic Academy junior’s favorite sport. She lives and breaths the game.

Her exploits on the field for the Saints are reasons why Gastonguay has been named 2016 Girls’ Sun Journal All-Region Player of the Year.

“It’s awesome,” Gastonguay said. “Lacrosse is my favorite sport. It’s an honor.”

Gastonguay is a midfielder who enjoys the camaraderie of her teammates. She also plays basketball, and this year she will be competing in cross country.

“I love going out with my team and competing,” she said. “It’s just a really fun sport. You get a lot of exercise. It is just something I really enjoy doing since I was a little kid.

“It is my absolute favorite thing to do, and I do every single day.”

Her mother and coach, Leslie Klenk, is obviously proud of her daughter — on and off the playing field.

Caroline is a versatile athlete with a high sports IQ,” Klenk said. “She can play any sport well. She has great vision on the field, which permits her to successfully lead the implementation of plays on both offense and defense.

“She is never satisfied with her performance level and spends a significant amount time fine-tuning her lacrosse skills through wall ball, shooting practice, etc., out of season and in addition to scheduled team practices.”

There is no question Gastonguay plays an integral role in the Saints’ success.

Just ask her coach.

“She is one of those players that you just do not want to take off the field,” Klenk said. “As one of our midfielders, her participation is essential to the effective implementation of our offense, our transition game from offense to defense, and our defense.

“Her stick work is amazing. She is equally proficient with both hands. She has a variety of shots that can be used on offense. She is lightning fast and tenacious on transition, causing our opponents to turnover the ball, and is quick to react and stop the drive in our defensive zone. 

“She is also a team player who helps others with leading passes to goal, double teams, picks and on field instruction.”

2016 Sun Journal All-Region Girls’ Lacrosse


Caroline Gastonguay, A, Fr., St. Dom’s

Francesca-Beth Haines, M, Jr., Edward Little

Kaylee Jipson, M, Jr., Edward Little

Avery Lutrzykowski, M, Fr., St. Dom’s

Kristina Blais, A, Sr., Lewiston

Morgan Eliasen, D, Jr., Lewiston

Isabelle Frenette, A, Fr., St. Dom’s

Lindsay Cook, D, Fr., St. Dom’s

Allyssa Hanley, M, Sr., Oxford Hills

Mariah Vaillancourt, G, Jr., Edward Little


Christine Chasse, M, Fr., Lewiston

Haley Wakefield, M/A, Jr., Oxford Hills

Emma Theriault, A, Fr., St. Dom’s

Megan Steele, M, Fr., Edward Little

Payton Winslow, D, So., St. Dom’s

Madison Leslie, D, So., St. Dom’s

Alasia Branche, D, Sr., Lewiston

Dacia Bail, M, Jr., Lewiston

Julia St. Laurent, A, Jr., Lewiston

Samantha Bickford, G, Sr., Oxford Hills

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