I am weary to death about the impasse in the state Legislature and the mindless obstruction set up by the incumbents, many of whom appear to value irrelevant photo ops more than addressing Maine’s most critical issue — jobs.

So, what a relief it was in May to meet Elijah Breton, the Democratic candidate for State House District 65 (New Gloucester and part of Poland). Voters in that district should take any opportunity to meet him. He is perceptive and positive and has a precocious understanding from experience of how governance can actually work if parties are committed to finding solutions and not just defending political interests.

Talking with Breton, I felt there really is hope for good state government, even after these grim years.

Elijah Breton is the Maine-born-and-raised next generation folks have been hoping would stay here and step forward to get poor old Maine unstuck.

Penny Hilton, New Gloucester

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