RANGELEY — The Frog and Toad Jumping Contest took off on Aug. 18 at Rangeley’s Blueberry Festival.

The event was abounding in amphibians, kids, and a good size turnout, although no toad contestants took part this year. Andy and Dick Hall and Liz Pimentel officiated as judges.

An official catcher returned amphibians to their owners if they leaped out of bounds.

It became exciting when spectator Mimi Dugan, wearing an attractive lily-pad colored shirt, was accosted by two of the frog contestants who literally jumped all over her during the competition.

The frogs were judged on the best of three jumps. The winners are as follows:

Small category

• First place: Libby Widden, Duffo, 16½ inches

• Second place: Mariah Saglibene, Pappa, 10¾ inches

• Third place: None

Medium category

• First place: Owen Dugan, Bob, 40½ inches

• Second place: Josh Neil and Evan Dolinski, Hoppy, 19 inches

• Third place: Andrew Kelley, Jeff, 17 inches

Large category

• First place:  Sophia O’Brian, Greenie, 30½ inches

• Second place: Max Bacon, Bouncey Bolt, 28½ inches

• Third place: Greg Bacon, Mosaic Hops, 26½ inches

Other prizes

• Most meditative: Seth Whidden, Bob

• Biggest back flippers: Taylor Bacon, Froggy Phelps 

• Most-consistent jumps: Brett O’Brian, Big Al

• Roundest frog:  Jared and Gavin Paxton, Bullet

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