The headline above a letter to the editor (Aug. 3) endorsing the candidacy of Eric Brakey to be re-elected as a state Senator read “Brakey surpassed expectations.” Really?

At some point, he submitted what may have been the worst piece of legislation considered during that legislative session. In that bill, Sen. Brakey proposed to repeal the mandatory seat belt law. Apparently, that law, which has been widely credited with saving many lives, was still too much government regulation for Brakey.

Perhaps he was unaware that repealing the law would have subjected Maine to substantial federal penalties.

Fortunately, even Brakey’s fellow Republicans on the committee refused to support the bill and it failed to even come out of committee.

From his performance in the last legislative session, it has become apparent that Brakey’s greatest talent is his aptitude for self-promotion.

Curtis Webber, Auburn

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