The Veterans Administration is being scrutinized for the way some veterans with physical and mental disorders have been treated. Politicians would never allow themselves to be treated that way. My prayers go for the ones who saw combat — they deserve the very best care.

Some people went into the armed forces and served this country with utmost integrity and then are put into a different group after serving their time faithfully. They came out with an honorable discharge and go to register with the VA while waiting for a job or continuing their education. Those with little or no savings or health insurance get help from government programs. Uncle Sam is there for them. Then there are those people who, when registering with the VA, show they have assets or savings accounts. For them, office visits, prescription drugs or when referred to a specialist by a VA doctor, it means paying out of pocket.

The VA seems to cater to the abusers who spent money like a drunken sailor,  people who never thought of saving for a rainy day.

Why penalize the ones whose upbringing taught them to be more responsible?

I guess I will have to keep my 12-year-old pickup truck a little longer. At least, it is all paid for.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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