My family is supporting Sen. Eric Brakey for re-election in the upcoming November 2016 election.

Brakey understands that parents and teachers are best equipped to make decisions on a child’s education. Unfortunately, more and more I see state and federal bureaucrats sticking their noses in children’s education, taking control away from the people who know them best.

As a mother of four grown children and grandmother of eight, I am well aware of the uniqueness of each child and the variety of ways that children learn. No government bureaucracy can adequately take into account a child’s individual needs, especially not through standardization.

As state senator, Brakey consistently supports local control for schools and giving parents more educational choices.

I hope others will join me in support of local control and parental choice in education by re-electing Eric Brakey to Maine Senate for New Gloucester, Auburn, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls.

Diane Elvin, New Gloucester

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