As a former Democrat, I wonder how other voters can make an educated choice on Election Day if all they read are liberal newspapers and use mainstream television as their only source of information about the presidential candidates. Those sources are gravely biased, which should be illegal. Whatever happened to equal time for fairness?

By watching Fox News Channel, I learn facts that liberal media don’t want voters to know. Uninformed voters might be swayed in their thinking, almost as if the election is rigged.

The corrupt Justice Department protects Hillary Clinton by placing her above the law. She may act classier than Donald Trump, but looks are deceiving. Clinton has no integrity.

TV Hillbilly Jed Clampett had no class; however, he had honest, common sense, as does Donald Trump. Furthermore, Trump has not been bought by special interests and owes no favors, unlike Clinton.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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