PARIS — A Norway man pleaded guilty Monday afternoon to repeatedly punching a woman in the head until she lost consciousness.

Eric Heino, 26, was sentenced to nine months and a day in jail after pleading guilty at Oxford County Superior Court to one count of domestic violence assault.

Prosecutors dismissed a gross sexual assault charge and two additional domestic violence assault charges as part of the plea deal.

Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Winter told Active-Retired Justice Robert Clifford that had the case gone to trial, Norway Police Cpl. Mitchell Shaw would have testified that in December 2015, he responded to a domestic dispute between Heino and his mother, Diane.

In an affidavit written by Shaw, he wrote that while investigating the dispute, Heino’s girlfriend had approached the officers and reported that during the previous night, Heino had punched her in the head “about 15 times until she passed out.”

“When she woke up, he hit her in the face again,” Winter told Clifford.

Shaw wrote in the affidavit that Heino had “severely swollen knuckles on his hands, and two fingers on his right hand looked like they might have been broken.”

Winter said that Shaw would also testify that Heino had been convicted of domestic violence assault in 2010.

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