As co-founders of the Mt. Valley Lyme Disease Awareness Coalition, we voice our support for Sheryl Briggs in her bid for re-election to the Maine House of Representatives.

During her past term(s), Briggs always had an open door and an open mind. She was more than willing to hear, understand and support the plight of the Lyme community in Maine.

When we approached her to submit a piece of legislation, she immediately jumped on board and gave all she had to get the bill passed. Believe us, it wasn’t easy but she never gave up the fight.

Because of her willingness to work hard, her determination, her open-mindedness and her bi-partisan approach, we hope others will join us as we show our wholehearted support for Sheryl Briggs once again at the polls.

Diane Farnum, Roxbury, and Rhonda Buker, Newry

Co-founders, Mt. Valley Lyme Disease Awareness Coalition

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