Several recent letters to the editor have addressed the importance of job creation in Maine, including a reference to LD 1480 — a job creation bill that was opposed by only one senator (from Senate District 20). The bill passed on a bipartisan vote without the governor’s signature.

In fact, the fund to support business development for companies that invest at least $50 million in Maine, create at least 250 jobs and pay 125 percent of the Maine median wage is not paid for by taxpayer dollars. It will operate like a mutual fund, administered by the Finance Authority of Maine.

I am happy to support Kimberly Sampson for the Senate District 20 seat, because she isn’t in this to get attention for herself and won’t waste her votes to make an ideological point. Sampson will support programs that promote investment in Maine and will serve her district well.

Renee Cote, Auburn

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