By Rob Federico

Norway Police Chief

What are the purple lights and bows around the state all about?domesticviolenceribbon

I have been asked this question in October for several years now. I have always answered with: “It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” and left it at that.

October has been designated the month that we raise awareness of domestic violence and the toll it takes on our communities. All of the organizations that have an interest in making changes in our communities get together to hold vigils, forums, remembrance walks, 5K runs and many other activities.

The goal is to send a message that there is no place for domestic  violence in our communities.

We all are touched in some way by domesticViolence, whether through firsthand experience, a loved one, someone we know or a coworker. domestic violence complaints in Oxford County increased by 66 percent last year.

There are many reasons that we should hold all of these important activities that draw attention to the issues and effects of domestic violence on our communities.

But, perhaps the most important reason is to show our support for the survivors of domesticViolence. They are the real heroes here.

Please join us for a vigil on Monday, Oct. 3, at 6 p.m. in Norway.

We will meet at the Norway Municipal Complex and walk to the Advertiser Democrat building on Main Street and Pikes Hill. Take an hour of your time to show the brave victims that we care and support efforts to eliminate domestic violence in our communities.

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