In his recent letter (Sept. 25), Thomas Shields praised Bruce Poliquin for his role in paying off the hospital debt and bridging a gap in state retirement funding when he was state treasurer.

While it is true that the hospital debt was paid, two rural hospitals have closed in Maine since 2010. Rural hospitals are struggling in states that failed to expand Medicaid, which Maine Republicans refused to do. Paying the debt was a good idea. Expanding Medicaid would have been a better one.

As to the retirement system, millions of dollars were saved by taking money from the pockets of retirees then used to reduce the tax burden on wealthy Mainers.

Shields says Mainers should be grateful for Poliquin’s “responsible actions.” I disagree.

Emily Cain is a truly responsible person who will act in the best interests of all Mainers. I hope others will join me in voting for her.

Errol Libby, Norway

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