DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is there somewhere in the Lewiston or Auburn area where I can dispose of an old lawn mower? The dumps will not accept them. Thank you. — No name, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots has confirmed that you cannot dispose your old lawn mower at the city’s solid waste facility, even for a fee. What you can do is clean out any gasoline and oil residue and bring it to a salvage yard. Here are a few local salvage yards for you to contact:

Grimmel Industries is a junkyard located at 50 River Road in Lewiston. You can reach them by calling (207) 784-6754.

Schnitzer, previously Maine Metal Recycling, is a metals recycling yard located at 522 Washington St. N in Auburn. They can be reached by calling (207) 786-3531.

D.A.B. Inc., also known as Dave’s Junkyard, recycles metals as well. They are located at 13 Allen Range Road in Freeport. You can reach them by calling (207)865-4702.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know if, after a person passes away, can their name and dates be inscribed on a family headstone even though they are not buried there? — No name, no town.

ANSWER: The inscriptions allowed on a headstone are, in most cases, regulated by the cemetery in which it will be placed. Most cemeteries have rules about headstone size and shape and about the style of text permitted. It is important that a design is approved by the cemetery before any engraving services are ordered and there is often a fee associated with the oversight of the work being done.

Beyond that, it is quite common practice in the United States to have names of family members inscribed on headstones regardless of whether they are buried there. With the popularity of cremation, it is often the case that there is no one buried at the site of a memorial at all, rather their ashes are with a family member or scattered in another location. It is the wishes of the family members and the rules of the cemetery that determine whether this is allowed.

If it is a concern for genealogical reasons, each cemetery keeps interment records of exactly who is buried there and many other records can be tracked down if there is another memorial elsewhere. The best place to start your inquiry would be with the cemetery in which the headstone is located.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have several golf instructional videos in VHS format that we no longer need or want. Would anyone know who might be interested in them? No charge. — Nancy, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots readers would benefit from some contact information, but there are many charitable organizations that might be willing to accept videos — even in VHS format.

There is always the option to donate to Goodwill Industries, which has locations in both Lewiston and Auburn and will responsibly recycle any unsold materials.

The ShareCenter in Auburn accepts donations of all kinds to share with local teachers and organizations in need of educational materials. You can reach them by calling (207) 333-6671.

If any readers are interested or know of an organization that could use these videos, please write in to Sun Spots.

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