At halftime of a field hockey game against Lincoln Academy (1-12), Evans told the Phoenix (10-3) that if there was an opportunity for DiPompo to score her first-ever goal, the senior should be given that option.

That occasion came up in the second half when the Eagles were penalized. DiPompo was summoned to take the penalty stroke and she slapped it past Lincoln goalie Zoey Sewall and the Phoenix glided off with an 8-0 victory on senior day.

And it was their day — all four seniors scored a goal.

“(This was a game) for the seniors to have a good time,” Spruce Mountain coach Tanya Evans. “They worked hard all year and today they could enjoy themselves.

“They played positions that normally they don’t play, and I am glad all four seniors had an opportunity to put it in the cage today.”

DiPompo is a defensive player for Spruce Mountain, so opportunities to score have been few and far between in her career.

“At halftime, I said if there is a stroke, Emma is going to take it, and low and behold, there was a stroke, and Emma took it and she was able to capitalized on it,” Evans said.

The penalty was called when the ball hit an Eagles player’s body and stopped a sure goal.

DiPompo admitted she was nervous, but any evidence of her apprehension was not noticeable when she drove the ball into the net.

“I was really nervous and I just looked at the goal (and said) you better go in,” DiPompo said. “It hit a patch, and I said, ‘Dang it,” and it just rolled in, and I just started screaming.”

Right from the beginning, the Phoenix established an encampment right in front of the Lincoln Academy net and never let go.

Senior captain Alex Bessey started the flurry, scoring back-to-back goals, with DiPompo and Morgan Dalton earning assists.

Senior Evelyn Castonguay gave the Phoenix a 3-0 lead going into the half with her goal.

In the second half, the Phoenix remained relentless, and this led to another five goals.

When DiPompo’s penalty shot rolled into the net, her goal riled up her teammates and the scoring frenzy continued.

Senior captain Sadie Storer scored, and the rest of the team played follow the leader.

Sophomores Erin McPherson and Avery Williams got into to the act and each scored a goal. Freshman Emily Castonguay topped off Spruce Mountain’s insurmountable lead with her second goal.

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