FRYEBURG — The refreshing fall morning air provided a pleasant backdrop at the Fryeburg Fair on Wednesday — along with the aroma of fried dough, giant turkey legs and a plethora of other decadent scents wafting through the air, even at 8 a.m.

Breakfast choices were plentiful for fairgoers — and so were the activities.

The fair kicked off with the 8:30 a.m showing of draft horses and ponies in the cart class. A large audience watched from the grandstand as draft horses trotted around the center of the racetrack and were judged on their performance and appearance.

Wonderful smells continued throughout the day, with the first of four flower shows starting at 11 a.m and the apple pie contest at 1 p.m.

The flower shows took place in the Expo 1 building, where Ginny Henshaw-LaBelle and Mary Sanborn of Maine Street Florist and Gifts in Buxton each made 10 displays of flowers for the show. Since there were four flower shows taking place on Wednesday, the two florists had to come up with 40 unique designs. The arrangements were auctioned off after the showing.

Janet Johnson, owner of Maine Street Florist and Gifts, watched her two employees create their masterpieces, and assisted in showing off their designs to the assembled crowd.


Inside the Agricultural Exhibition Center, 13 pies were lined up and ready to be taste-tested by 1 p.m. To enter the contest, prospective winners had to make sure their pie had cooled down after baking, and their recipe was submitted in writing along with their entry. Neil Henry, chief of the Redstone Fire Department and Richard Murray of the Oxford County Sheriff Office were the judges.

Jeanine Morrill, Fryeburg Fair staff member of more than 40 years, said most of the pies entered will be sold whole, and the money will go to local senior homes. The rest of the pies were sliced up and sold by the piece to the swarming crowd eagerly awaiting a chance to taste them for themselves. Even with the contest’s popularity, Morrill said there used to be even more entries.

“Forty years ago, we’d have over 35 entries,” said Morrill, who has worked at the fair since she was in high school.

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Apple pie contest winners

First, Jessica Frum


Second, Sandra Vizard

Third, Mandi Emery

Fourth, Donna Parlin

Best Junior, Haiden Emery

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