Dixfield will be voting Nov. 8 to repeal the current wind ordinance adopted in 2012. The 2012 ordinance is not a workable ordinance. By repealing the current ordinance, the state Department of Environmental Protection regulations go into effect. The DEP has experience in the development of wind farms and has developed regulations for the protection of the local population. DEP has the expertise to regulate this project, and the funding to enforce its rules.

Should Dixfield adopt a new ordinance with mandates not regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection, the town of Dixfield becomes responsible for its enforcement. No one locally, that I know of, has the knowledge and experience to do that. Local control becomes local expense. Residents do not need to spend tax dollars to monitor the project.

Rumford repealed their wind ordinance this past June, opening the doors to allow new industry and a flow of new tax dollars into their town.

Residents should not miss the boat on additional tax dollars coming to Dixfield, as well as funds to support community and school projects. Other towns have led the way and there are many examples of scholarships, athletic monetary support, etc.

Dixfield residents can check with the town managers of Carthage, Woodstock and Roxbury. It is not just tax dollars, it is a partnership with a good neighbor.

Susan Lutick, Dixfield

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