I am tired of the manufactured truths of Gov. Paul LePage and his counterpart, Donald Trump. Neither one takes responsibility, but states “people are saying,” or “I heard …” or “I was told …” (source unnamed). What a cowardly way to start stories that have no basis in fact.

Their crude, rude language gets them the reputation for “straight talking,” but it is just plain ignorance and lack of consideration of others. I am tired of being embarrassed by it.

Hillary Clinton is a thinker — she processes before spitting it out — something I wish Trump and LePage would do. That quality comes in very handy in a crisis or when some serious work needs to be done.

I remember how irritated I was when, as a widow raising two children, I paid more taxes than Richard Nixon.

Nothing has changed, and Trump is not as great a businessman as he brags.

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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