Ever notice how often we see homeless veterans, but never homeless immigrants? That is shamefully unacceptable. What happened to “Charity begins at home”?

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she supports allowing thousands of immigrants/refugees into the U.S.

If voters are dissatisfied with the way this country is going, they should give “the Donald” a chance. What do we have to lose?

Barack Obama got eight years and took this nation down to its knees. He lied and promised freebies to get votes (as is Clinton). There are more people now on welfare than ever — policies she plans to continue, plus add more handouts, such as free college, etc.

It is disheartening to me to see the FBI defiantly protect Clinton and place her above the law. Anyone else would have been sentenced to prison for all the deeds she has done.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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