Rumford residents should expect a new awakening for a common sense approach to the emotional aspects of the Rumford Water District’s process potential to expand their service to an interstate commerce business. The March 2016 district charter revision requires substantially greater emphasis on following state statutes. It is not too late for district trustees to initiate a process as is defined for any charter update that changes the “purpose” of the district.

Residents understand there are always good and even bad reasons to change a business’ purpose. Maine state statutes insist upon following a list of process tasks before submitting testimony before the Utilities and/or Commerce standing committees.

I believe the testimony content must include a clear summary of the intentions which drive the charter revisions: In the case of the recent changes to the RWD charter, subtle additions were made to create an opening to contract with a large “commercial” corporation to sell Rumford’s precious natural resource for potential interstate commerce.

What are the business intentions? What are the potential business revenues for the district? What are the potential implications to Rumford residents?

Any new approach to revise the RWD charter’s purpose must pass the tests articulated by the concerned citizens of Rumford. Residents have elected three trustees who have always earned trust. Now, I believe, is the time to demonstrate the trust and cancel the current flawed charter and begin again.

Len Greaney, Rumford

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