I staffed Congressman Bruce Poliquin on his visit to the New Balance facility in Norway, and I want to set the record straight on his visit (Sun Journal, Oct. 15).

Congressman Poliquin spoke to the employees of New Balance outlining his work to ensure the Department of Defense follows the law and issues American-made footwear, like those at New Balance, to new recruits.

Afterward, he made his way to the entrance doors, as he always does, to thank as many employees as possible for the great work that they do.

On this particular occasion, a temporary-employee said some words under his breath as Congressman Poliquin extended his hand for a handshake. Realizing that he did not want to be greeted, Congressman Poliquin greeted the next worker that walked by.

That is all that happened.

Congressman Poliquin never mentioned a word about it to New Balance. He never mentioned a word to any reporters.

I would not have known about it, had I not been there.

He simply continued on with his day.

Congressman Poliquin has spent the past two years fighting for the people at New Balance. They could be Republican, Democrat, or Independent — he doesn’t care.

These are Maine jobs.

Congressman Poliquin will do everything and anything, within his authority, to protect them. It is simply unfair for anyone to blame Congressman Poliquin.

Samantha Warren, District Director

Poliquin Congressional Office in Maine

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