I will be voting for Elijah Breton to represent New Gloucester and part of Poland.

Breton’s independent thinking is something that continues to impress me when discussing the issues. His views do not represent one particular party. He considers all sides of an issue without undue influence from outsiders.

He is very intelligent, articulate and is highly motivated — which is exactly what that district needs. He is committed to Maine and his district and I am committed to voting for him to be my next state representative.

As a side note, I have heard that some terrible comments have been said about Breton, and it breaks my heart to think that some of my neighbors would think, and say, such things. New Gloucester can, and should, do better.

I hope others will join me in voting based on what a candidate has to offer and what their plans are to best represent constituents.

Nichole Stevens, New Gloucester

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