DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Dixfield Halloween Walk as we know it is in danger of ending.

As a citizen of Dixfield who mans a station on the walk path, I can tell you that the children enjoying this safe and regulated Halloween walk are coming from all area towns: Dixfield, Rumford, Mexico, Peru, Roxbury, Canton and more.

Dixfield shuts down Weld St. from the stoplights all the way up to the high school so that the town’s smaller children have a safe place to trick-or-treat. Children of all ages are coming to this event.

Melissa Bradbury and Deb Shurtleff have worked organizing this event for 15 years. Candy donations come from mostly Dixfield people and businesses, and those have dwindled significantly. Last year we all ran out of candy earlier than usual and that was with around $3,000 in candy; this year the donations are only at around $1,100 with Halloween less than a week away.

I know that local business owners get hit up for donations all the time from every fundraising event there is, but lets come together and keep this wonderful event going. Imagine how much candy we could get if everyone in the River Valley donated just one or two bags of candy.

Donations can be made in both candy or monetary values. Donations can be dropped off at Dan’s Automotive in Rumford, Bradbury’s market in Carthage, the Dixfield town office or we can arrange pick-up if necessary.

This will also be Melissa’s last year organizing the event. I am willing to help keep this event going, but will certainly need help. What does everyone say? Let’s keep the Dixfield Halloween Walk going so that our children and grandchildren have a safe place to go trick-or-treating.

I can be contacted at 207-357-4818 or you can contact Daniel Richard at 207-357-9444.

Thank you everyone for your consideration. — Rosemarie Brann, Dixfield.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a gift card to the Bugaboo Creek restaurant but found out that they have closed in South Portland. Can you find a phone number so that I can call them about it or will you research it for me? Thanks a bunch. — Claire, no town.

ANSWER: That talking animatronic moose will be missed. According to a report from the Forecaster, Bugaboo Creek in South Portland closed quite suddenly in June of this year. Since then, all of their remaining locations have closed throughout the northeast. The report states that they have been restructuring and going through bankruptcy since 2011. So, what can you do with your gift card? What can anyone do with a gift card for a business that has closed? If they have closed due to bankruptcy, according to the Better Business Bureau, a gift card holder is at the bottom of the creditor totem pole, there may be no more assets left to give you a refund. If you have a gift card to any restaurant or store it benefits you to use it as soon as possible to avoid this situation.

For consumer questions like these, please use the resources available to you through the state’s attorney general. Their office can be reached by calling 207-626-8849 or they suggest writing a letter and sending it to: Attorney General’s Consumer Information and Mediation Service, 6 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

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