Why should there even be a referendum on school funding such as proposed in Question 2? Weren’t profits from the state lottery supposed to go to the schools? When Maine residents got information concerning the start-up of the lottery, that information stated that money would go to help the schools.

What happened to that?

Since then, I have contacted all the state governors about that issue — where had the money gone that was to help education in Maine. None of the subsequent governors gave me any information. One governor mailed me a list of the amounts of money paid out to places where the winning tickets were sold. Not helpful. Another, whom I met at a veterans event, commented only that I must have just gotten my hair done. I have never gotten an answer.

What happened to the money for education that was supposed to come from lottery ticket sales?

I understand that it is all going into the general fund. How and when did that happen? And who let that happen? Why isn’t it available to help with education?

Hyla Friedman, Jay

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