I hope voters will determine what is important in government and what is superficial.

Hillary Clinton favors open borders for immigration, higher taxes, socialized health programs and continued spending. As Secretary of State she unethically abused her office to raise funds for her foundation, was careless with classified material and abandoned her people in Benghazi. Her health is questionable.

Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician, and is criticized for social misbehavior. He has management skills, is strong on national defense and will encourage businesses to create jobs. He promises to secure America’s borders, lower taxes, have a better health program and deal with illegal immigrants.

Voters have a clear choice on leadership of government.

Voters were not presented with the pages of law behind the five referendum issues. All are flawed and “no” votes are appropriate. The bond issue deserves a “yes” for Maine’s roads.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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