LEWISTON — The eighth offering of the Medieval Feast is set for Friday and Saturday, Nov. 18 and 19, at The Dolard and Priscilla Gendron Franco Center, 46 Cedar St.

The event begins at 6 p.m. and guests are encouraged to arrive at 5:30 p.m.

The Medieval Feast harkens back to the medieval tradition of royalty inviting guests to a feast to watch knights compete on horseback. The feast is meant to recreate just such a gathering — excluding the horses, of course.

Guests may imagine themselves in the center of a medieval courtyard, awaiting the glorious arrival of the king and queen. They will then join the king, queen, knights, minstrels, friars and wenches in the Great Hall filled with magic, color, entertainment and a menu without utensils.

At the “castle” entrance, the king has retained a wandering minstrel to welcome his guests. His knights and fair lot of wenches will also be found among the citizenry. His squires will usher all the guests to a forested glen where enchanting songs are heard and all await the arrival of the king and queen, who will lead the guests to the Hall of Feasts.

Amid the magical décor of the Hall of Feasts are its wenches in service to the king, preparing to serve a robust meal. The menu will include a creamy soup with parsley, a beef turnover, romaine lettuce with dipping sauce, “rustic” chicken breast, and a medieval surprise for dessert. By order of the king, all will eat their meals without utensils. Alcoholic beverages will be served and available at the king’s cash tavern throughout the evening.

For this feast, the Medieval Players have produced an original script titled “Are You Serious? The Tale of Princess Butterscotch,” a comedic romp riddled with misadventures for several characters from ancient times. The tale is complete with swords, arrows, pitchforks and a wedding.

The players include Stan Spilecki as king, Jenn McClure-Groover as queen, Neal James as court musician, and Sean Wallace as host. The costume designers are Patti Gray and Debbie Mansur.

Guests who arrive in medieval fashion (optional, but strongly encouraged) may participate in a prize contest, to be judged by the king and queen.

Tickets are $40, and include dinner, the show and parking. The Franco Center is wheelchair-accessible.

FMI, tickets: 207-689-2000, www.francocenter.org.

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