ALBANY TOWNSHIP — The atmosphere at the Albany Town Hall on Election Day was one of quiet relief. Voters who turned up didn’t say much to each other, according to registrar Joan Kimball.

“It’s been a very calm day. I think people are just glad to get it over with so they don’t have to watch any more commercials,” said Kimball.  Though calm, it was a busy day as far as voter turnout, Kimball said, with numbers greater than in years past.

As of 3 p.m, the town of 515 people had cast more than 250 votes.  

Zach Meisner, a Maine Department of Transportation worker, was glad to have his vote cast and done with, and said that no matter which presidential nominee gets elected, the country is in for an interesting four years.

“As for Question 3, (I voted) ‘absolutely not.’ That law would make everyday people criminals,” said Meisner. 

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