In a Sun Journal story (Nov. 3), Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald bemoans the cost of asylum seekers. If Macdonald would have broken the tie vote at the council meeting by voting no instead of voting yes, he might have started at least a slow-down of asylum seekers flowing into City Hall.

Lewiston officials need to tell federal officials that Lewiston doesn’t want their money. It’s time for a diversion to other municipalities — close the gates.

All the city is doing is pushing taxpayers away.

It is easy for people from out of town to criticize Lewiston, all the while sitting in their beautiful homes, enjoying a $15 mill rate. It does not affect their taxes, or the value of their home. The tax base in Lewiston is shrinking daily.

If more help needs to be hired for general assistance, consider a committee to review the size and the cost of management personnel. The biggest cost to taxpayers is at the management level throughout the city.

There is a public works review committee. All that does is take the attention away from the real problem. Lewiston is in deep financial trouble and needs to be fixed before it sinks into just a memory.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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