NEW GLOUCESTER — Maine State Police say an 87-year-old woman in New Gloucester was harassed and intimidated by her 55-year-old son and his 45-year-old girlfriend. The couple also allegedly stole from the woman.

The couple, who had been evicted from their home in Biddeford and lost their children to the Department of Health and Human Services, used their story to convince the elderly woman to give them a “temporary” place to live until they got on their feet again in the summer of 2015, according to police.


Police say the couple moved into the woman’s home on Lewiston Road and quickly took over the home. They allegedly moved the woman’s belongings out of her home and into the garage to make room for their own things.

Police say they made her sleep in a small guest room while they used her bedroom, took money from her savings account, racked up over $700 in phone and television bills, used the woman’s debit card at the local bars, sold some of her belongings for extra money and made her fearful of being in her own home.

The 87-year-old eventually went to stay with friends because she was scared to be alone with her son and his girlfriend, according to police.

The elderly woman’s friends convinced her to report what was happening to her and the woman returned to her home.


Police say during the time the elderly woman was staying with friends, the couple put all of her belongings in the back yard, exposing it to the elements.

According to police, a team from Maine State Police met with the woman on Sunday and removed all of the couple’s belongings from the home and garage, neatly stacked and covered the items with a tarp and moved the elderly woman’s belongings back into her home.

They also helped get the elderly woman’s house ready for winter.

Police say they changed the woman’s locks on her home and garage as well as being the conduit between her, her son and the Elder Abuse Advocate in Portland.

Police will be meeting with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office later in the week to review the materials submitted by the advocate and discuss possible charges.

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