On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Sun Journal was full of beautiful reminders that this nation is a strong democracy and that after an acrimonious campaign season people can come together as citizens of this great country and that we all wish success for the president-elect.

The headline at the top of the front page read, “Rooting for his success.” The article quoted Hillary Clinton telling her supporters that the GOP victor deserves a chance to lead and that President Obama pledged a smooth transition of power. It is what this nation does.

Also on the front page was an article in which Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Rep. Peggy Rotundo discuss the pain of losing elections and the need to work together after the campaigning is over.

On the editorial page, guest columnist Adam Lee wrote that “what unites us is much greater than what divides us.” The political season is over now. It is worth re-reading Lee’s column.

Below Lee’s column was syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, spewing his usual vituperative message. Thomas, who frequently quotes the Bible in his columns and calls himself a Christian, writes hatefully about people who think differently from him. I thought Christianity was about love.

All I know is that when we all need to come together again, that man, who calls himself a Christian, continues spewing anger and hatred. His column that morning was out of sync with the rest of the paper.

Joe Sirois, Rumford

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