I thank the Sun Journal for providing daily news and for giving subscribers the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day.

In reference to the Thursday, Nov. 24, newspaper — I read with excitement the “It’s like a family” article. My eyesight is not as good as it was 25 years ago when I was part of Trinity Church’s “Sunday Suppers,” started by the Rev. William Baxter.

I saw no mention of Father Bill’s name. I believe this is the second mention of Trinity Jubilee and I didn’t see Father Bill’s name in that piece either. Has everybody already forgot the founders of the start of what we have today, 25 years later? They included the Rev. Baxter, Dr. John and Deacon Hildreth Hampshire, Jerry DerBoghosian, Mark and Susan just to name a few. They could be called pilgrims of their time.

We set tables, we had dinner together like a family and then washed the dishes by hand. I had really hoped to see Father Bill’s name in the Trinity news pieces. I wished I could have cut the pieces out to send to his widow so that she could read it and see her husband’s name in print. Her husband started with such love and passion for the inner-city community 25 years ago with the start of Sunday suppers.

Joyce Kenney, Buckfield

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