DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to know, when will the show “Doc Martin” be aired again? — Connie, Lewiston.

ANSWER: “Doc Martin” is a British drama from ITV in the United Kingdom. It stars Martin Clunes as the brash “Doc” Martin Ellingham who finds himself back home in a Cornish village after his illustrious medical career in London goes awry. The townspeople are not used to the doctor’s blunt opinions and insensitive manners, often leading to mayhem in the town of Portwenn.

The series left off in 2015 but according to reports from several British newspapers, Series 8 should be filmed and aired in the UK in 2017. There is no news on when it will make it to America, though. Here in the U.S., the show is distributed by American Public Television (APT), and hopefully carried by our local affilliate, Maine Public, when it returns. There are also rumors of an American version of the show being produced, but no confirmation yet.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As always your column is a gem! I have an antique toy wooden train engine and coal car that needs minor repairs. Do you have anyone in your files who has this skill? I can be reached at 207-539-0921. Thank you so much. — Jane, no town.

ANSWER: This one is for the readers. There are many antique dealers and people who restore furniture, but antique toys seems to be a niche expertise that Sun Spots does not have on file. If anyone knows of a person or business able to restore Jane’s antique toy train, please contact her. And please also let Sun Spots know for future reference and recommendations.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for your column, I read it every day. I am writing to let you all know about a very honest man. I took my car to get a remote starter installed, and about an hour later, I received a call to tell me that my car would not cost me the quoted amount, it was only $40. He informed me that he found a car starter was already in my car and all I needed was the remote. Had he not been honest, he could have charged the full price that he had quoted and I would have never known the difference. Thank you. — Joan P., Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots is always very happy to share positive experiences in our community. When reviews are recieved about local businesses they go into the rolodex to be used when someone is looking for a recommendation. It is great to share experiences with other readers and Sun Spots will keep this business’ name ready for the next person who asks.

As for remote car starters, some vehicles have factory-installed remote starters. It could be there without the owner even realizing, especially in a pre-owned vehicle. A common problem with these starters is that the factory issued fob may not be very strong at all, especially if your car is parked more than a short distance away. This may make it worth the investment in a better remote. To check if you have a remote starter installed, bring your car to a dealer who can run your vehicle identification number (VIN) or have a trusted mechanic take a look.

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