OXFORD — A local contractor says New York-based Calamar Construction breached the contract he had with the general contractor of the Hampton Inn on Route 26 for framework.

Stephen Bourassa of Alexander Construction in Minot says not only did Calamar Construction breach the contract but the company owes him money for the work his company did at the hotel.

Calamar Construction is suing Alexander Construction for close to half a million dollars, citing deficient work and failure to complete the scope of work that, according to the claim, ultimately delayed the completion of the four-story building located directly across from Oxford Casino. It is now set to open Monday, Dec. 19, according to the hotel’s website — more than seven months after its initial opening date.

The complaint by Calamar filed in Oxford County Superior Court on Oct. 5 against Bourassa asks for a judgment of $469,564 for breaching the subcontractor’s contract, including not having adequate workforce, not completing work on time, causing delays to other subcontractors and having major deficiencies in its work.

Under the scope of work dated Sept. 10, 2015, Alexander Construction was responsible for installation of floors, walls and roof trusses, sheathing on the interior walls and floors and related work. The work is considered critical to the completion of the building.

However, in its amended answer to the plaintiff’s claim and counterclaim filed with the Oxford County Court consolidated clerk’s office on Nov. 18, Alexander Construction charges Calamar with a breach of contract and states allegations in the Calamar suit, such as framing would be complete by Nov. 26, 2015, are untrue.


The defendant is asking for an unspecified amount of balance on the contract and for equipment Bourassa said he loaned to Calamar and for an unspecified amount in damages.

Alexander Construction was hired by general contractor Calamar in New York, which was hired by developer GIRI Oxford I LLC of Massachusetts, to do the framework on the multimillion-dollar Hampton Inn.

In its response, Alexander Construction contends that it completed the construction “in reasonable time and in a workmanlike manner” until it was terminated.

According to Bourassa, Calamar “unjustly” terminated Bourassa from the job, and he was prepared to finish the work in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The parties have selected an alternative dispute resolution conference to resolve their issues. A neutral third party will conduct the ADR process, according to papers filed in the court.

The conference should be held within 120 days, unless both parties agree. Discovery deadline is June 30, 2017.

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