State Sen. Eric Brakey, an Auburn Republican, got the job he was hoping for in the new legislative session.

Brakey will continue as the Senate chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, a perch that allows him to delve into the details of welfare and other issues in which he has a keen interest.

“I look forward to returning in my role” as the panel’s co-chair, Brakey said.

He said he will continue working to reform Maine’s broken welfare system.

“We must focus our limited resources on Maine’s most vulnerable, our seniors and the disabled, not those who are abusing the system,” he said.

Democrat Nate Libby of Lewiston was tapped as a member of the Government Oversight Committee. He is also the assistant minority leader.


In addition to his committee leadership, Brakey will serve on the Marine Resources Committee.

Senate President Michael Thibodeau issued the joint committee assignments Friday.

The committee assignments made Friday were:

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Paul T. Davis Sr. Chair (R-Piscataquis)

Thomas B. Saviello (R-Franklin)


James F. Dill (D-Penobscot)

Appropriations and Financial Affairs

James M. Hamper, Chair (R-Oxford)

Roger J. Katz (R-Kennebec)

Catherine Breen (D-Cumberland)

Criminal Justice and Public Safety


Kimberley C. Rosen, Chair (R-Hancock)

Scott W. Cyrway (R-Kennebec)

G. William Diamond (D-Cumberland)

Education and Cultural Affairs

Brian D. Langley, Chair (R-Hancock)

Joyce A. Maker (R-Washington)


Rebecca J. Millett (D-Cumberland)

Energy, Utilities and Technology

David Woodsome, Chair (R-York)

Andre E. Cushing III (R-Penobscot)

Mark N. Dion (D-Cumberland)

Environment and Natural Resources


Thomas B. Saviello, Chair (R-Franklin)

Amy F. Volk (R-Cumberland)

Geoffrey M. Gratwick (D-Penobscot)

Government Oversight

Roger J. Katz, Chair (R-Kennebec)

Paul T. Davis Sr. (R-Piscataquis)


Thomas B. Saviello (R-Franklin)

Nathan L. Libby (D-Androscoggin)

G. William Diamond (D-Cumberland)

Geoffrey M. Gratwick (D-Penobscot)

Health and Human Services

Eric L. Brakey, Chair (R-Androscoggin)


Roger J. Katz (R-Kennebec)

Benjamin M. Chipman (D-Cumberland)

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Scott W. Cyrway, Chair (R-Kennebec)

David C. Woodsome (R-York)

Michael E. Carpenter (D-Aroostook)


Insurance and Financial Services

Rodney L. Whittemore, Chair (R-Somerset)

Dana L. Dow (R-Lincoln)

Brownie Carson (D-Cumberland)


Lisa Keim, Chair (R-Oxford)


Rodney L. Whittemore (R-Somerset)

Dawn Hill (D-York)

Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development

Amy F. Volk, Chair (R-Cumberland)

Brian D. Langley (R-Hancock)

Shenna L. Bellows (D-Kennebec)


Marine Resources

Joyce A. Maker, Chair (R-Washington)

Eric L. Brakey (R-Androscoggin)

Eloise A. Vitelli (D-Sagadahoc)

State and Local Government

Paul T. Davis Sr. Chair (R-Piscataquis)


Lisa Keim (R-Oxford)

Susan A. Deschambault (D-York)


Dana L. Dow, Chair (R-Lincoln)

Andre E. Cushing III, (R-Penobscot)

Justin M. Chenette (D-York)



Ronald F. Collins, Chair (R-York)

Kimberley C. Rosen (R-Hancock)

David R. Miramant (D-Knox)

Veterans and Legal Affairs

Garrett P. Mason, Chair (R-Androscoggin)

Ronald F. Collins (R-York)

Michael E. Carpenter (D-Aroostook)

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