This is in response to a story in the Sun Journal (Dec. 28) about Larry and Rikki Hilt of Poland and the dispute they have with the town about their road not being plowed. According to the article, “When plans for a six-home subdivision fell through in 2008, the issue landed in court and the town was awarded the remaining four plots of land, plus the path to access them.”

According to the article, the town plowed the road in 2013 and 2014, then stopped plowing, calling it a “paper road” because the subdivision wasn’t finished, leaving the Hilts to fend for themselves.

I am very curious about the decision made by Poland town officials. What is a “paper road”? Is it a town road, and therefore the town’s responsibility, or not? It’s also known as Hilt Hollow Road, just off of Route 26 in Poland. The Hilts built their retirement home there and live there. As kind and caring people who pay property taxes every year on time, I would like to know — what’s the problem? This matter has been going on for years.

I have one thing to say — plow the damn road. Take it out of my taxes and charge me extra, for crying out loud. Good grief, these folks spent 30-plus years serving this country.

Susan Barry, Poland

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