The Democratic Party has been taken over by vicious left-wingers. It is no longer the party for the working people as it was generations ago.

The Democratic Party is so radically left wing that it has the once dynamic middle class in America reeling. Fewer people are in the work force and that translates into nationwide welfare. That causes dissatisfaction by those still interested in the American spirit of work and pride.

Which political party constantly pushes for more gun control? Which party ruled the slums of the nation for decades? Who shackles industry, businesses and workers with crippling regulations, and sets the EPA, the IRS and nearly every other government agency on Americans, churches, culture, speech and every other freedom guaranteed by the Constitution? The answer, of course, is always liberal Democrats.

Fewer and fewer people are being blinded by the lies overwhelming the country. Liberal Democrats ought to take notice.

The far left has hijacked and devoured American culture, education, liberty, the Constitution and the nation’s economic system.

If liberals persist in their anti-American leanings, they will continue to pay dearly at the ballot box. This is not a threat, just a friendly warning. As liberals may have forgotten, the American people still have a voice which translates into votes.

When conservative votes were counted this year, the left-wing Democrats lost. Now they are crying because they lost the game.

Give them a baby pacifier.

Phillip Webber, Lisbon

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