RUMFORD — The Holy Savior Catholic School is offering a special tuition rate of $500 for the remainder of the year to newly enrolled students, according to a news release from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

The special rate is designed to “make it possible for parents and students to experience the benefits of a new blended learning approach,” the release states.

According to the Rev. Nathan March, pastor at Holy Savior Church across the street from the school, this is the first time a discounted tuition rate has been offered. The regular rate for January to June 13 is approximately $1,500, amounting to a savings of $1,000 for parents and guardians.

“We are encouraged by the success we are seeing, we are looking for ways to share this experience with others, (and) we think parents will share in our enthusiasm,” March said. “We’d like them to be able to get on board and not have to wait for the next academic year.”

Currently-enrolled students are not being offered the special tuition rate, but Principal Barbara Pelletier said parents and guardians of those students will see the benefits next year, should enrollment increase because of the offer.

“The more enrollment increases, the more tuition will decrease,” Pelletier said.


March added that it is because of the current students that the offer is even available.

“We are able to make this special offer because of the generous and dedicated commitment of currently-enrolled Holy Savior parents who look forward to sharing their school and broadening our community,” March said.

As for the trend of enrollment, March said that unlike other Catholic schools throughout the state, the numbers at Holy Savior have remained “remarkably stable” throughout the years, thanks to the commitment of the community and the Diocese.

“The $500 special offer is really meant to encourage parents and students to see for themselves, (to) try it relatively risk-free,” March said. “We can tell you all about it but we believe it is better for you to experience for yourself the benefit and value of a Holy Savior education.” 

The special tuition rate of $500 can be broken up into payment plans and there is no deadline for enrollment, Pelletier said.

March encourages anyone interested to speak to school officials, saying that no special enrollment criteria is required, but to keep in mind that Holy Savior “does not have all the resources that a larger public school system has at its disposal.”

There will be an open house from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30, in the school’s cafeteria at 115 Maine Ave.

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