What is Maine state Rep. John Martin thinking when he seeks to change the regulations for mining metal here in Maine?

The laws are there to protect the land and lakes, keeping them clean. Mining metals will cause a lot of pollution and destroy the fishing in surrounding lakes. For example, the Callahan mine in Hancock County was closed in 1972 and is now a federal Superfund hazardous waste cleanup site.

Shame on Rep. Martin for trying to change the law to benefit J.D. Irving and his company. Who will pay for the ensuing mess new mining will make?

J.D. Irving doesn’t care what happens to the land. He just looks at the money it will make. Look at the Irving forest up north and the wasted wood left to rot on the ground, bringing disease to the forest.

Now Irving is pushing Rep. Martin to change the laws on mining. Irving is a greedy person who never has enough money and loves to get his way, which will destroy many beautiful places, including Bald Mountain in Aroostook County.

Legislators should take notice of the Callahan mine and leave the law alone that was enacted in 1990, essentially banning mining in Maine.

Mainers should fight for their rights to keep mountains safe and waters clean for fishing. Animals such as bears, deer, rabbits and moose, etc., need shelter, so the forests need protection. Legislators should limit big companies from destroying forests as well.

Mary Ann Michaud, Lewiston

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