People are upset over President Donald Trump’s executive order on banning refugees from certain hostile countries. Yes, logistical issues were not worked out ahead of time — shame on him. But the Sun Journal printed a picture of a girl appearing to cry on the front page (Jan. 31) and printed one-sided information about the executive order — shame on it. The paper’s reporters are supposed to be professional journalists, A professional journalist would get the whole story, pros and cons, not just one side like a gossip magazine.

Because of a few thugs, criminals and incompetents, law-abiding citizens must fight for their constitutional right to have guns.

The Confederate battle flag has been banned from public display because of a warped individual.

Welfare reform is affecting many because of a few freeloaders and greedy providers.

Whole police departments are seen as villains because of a few bad officers.

Liberals had no problem with most of those bans and limits, so why a problem with Trump’s temporary ban? He is just trying to make sure the immigrants coming to America are properly vetted.

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama all had bans on immigration from “hostile” countries at some point in their presidencies.

I tried to have a conversation with some protesters but I was called hateful names. How do we have a conversation when no one is willing to hear the other side of the story?

Richard Hatch, Hebron

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