Players to watch: Jr. G Tasha Haley, Rangeley; Jr. F Sydney Royce, Rangeley; Sr. F Celia Philbrick, Rangeley.

Favorites: Rangeley, Vinalhaven.

The Vikings traveled to Rangeley and rocked the Lakers by 18 points. The next morning, Rangeley bounced back to win by five points. Both teams also have losses Richmond, but the Vikings played the Bobcats much closer, losing by five and two points, while the Lakers were held to 18 points in each game and lost by 25 and 27 points.

Vinalhaven, though, has a loss to Temple on its dossier, and Rangeley’s starting lineup all played a role for last year’s state-championship squad.

Darkhorses: Temple, Forest Hills.

The Bereans beat Vinalhaven by 17 points, and in the last week of the regular season lost a close one to Rangeley by only one point. So Temple is equipped to tussle with the top two seeds.


The Tigers are a hard team to gauge. They’ve played good teams fairly close, such as Richmond and Vinalhaven, and beat Temple, but they ended their season with a loss to Highview Christian.

Overview: Rangeley’s season coming off a state championship has been filled with growth, specifically learning from adversity and growing into new roles. The Lakers point to their bounce-back win over Vinalhaven as evidence of their progression. Also, coach Heidi Deery is relishing her team being overlooked.

The Lakers and the Bereans both seem vulnerable, and that could open the door for a Cinderella-type run by Temple, Forest Hills or even Pine Tree Academy.

Prediction: Rangeley.

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