I wish someone would please explain to me why, when it snows, some drivers speed up. Guess I’m stupid, but I always thought drivers slowed down in bad weather.

I drive a lot slower in bad weather, and people go by me and look at me as if I had two heads.

People should use their brains — that way, they won’t hit someone.

While I am on the subject, in bad weather (rain, snow) drivers are supposed to put their headlights on. Why? So other drivers won’t hit them.

Recently, the weather has been bad. I have seen people with the headlights turned off on their vehicles. Don’t they know that it is the law to have headlights on?

I don’t want to hit another vehicle, but if I can’t see it, how the heck am I going to be able to stop until I am almost on top of it?

People should use their heads for something besides hat racks.

Judy Baird, Lewiston

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